​​​There is more to the story.

Worldview Resource Group consultants have written a series of four books about communicating effectively across cultures. The series is called, "There is more to the story". Storytelling is an integral part of successful communication. But, there is more. Story is always closely related to worldview, the lens through which one looks and interprets all of life. In the series, the authors introduce and explain a holistic approach to working across cultures.

  1. In cross-cultural settings, communication requires new skills.

  2. Storytelling varies across cultures.

  3. A local metanarrative with its controlling stories has created a local worldview.

  4. Value dimensions of culture inform "oughtness".

  5. Identity markers determine positions and roles.

  6. Socio-cultural institutions promote and prohibit observable behaviors.

What understanding and skills are needed to communicate effectively? The books answer this question and more. There is more to the story. See descriptions of each book on the pages that follow. Follow the links.

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