​​​There is more to the story.

Now, almost forty years after the dawn of the modern-day evangelical Orality Movement, it is time to document the movement so that we can learn from the past, consider the major changes that have occurred over time, and identify areas that require further research. One of those area in need of further research is worldview so that Bible storytellers can better connect those stories to the local’s worldview. The big idea of Worldview-based Storying is that deep-level worldview research discovered through the interaction and integration of symbol, story, and ritual will help minimize communication noise, thereby enhancing clarity in how God’s stories are heard, seen, and felt by both primary and secondary oral populations at home and abroad. 
TOM STEFFEN is Professor Emeritus of intercultural studies and missiology in the Cook School of Intercultural Studies at Biola University in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in church multiplication, orality, honor and shame, and business as mission. He and his family spent 15 years in the Philippines with New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos 360) in church planting and consulting. Some of his books include: Passing the Baton, Reconnecting God’s Story to Missions, Great Commission Companies (with Steve Rundle), Encountering Missionary Life and Work (with Lois McKinney-Douglas), and The Facilitator Era. Dr. Steffen lives in Idaho. 

Worldview-based Storying: The Integration of Symbol, Story, and Ritual in the Orality Movement
By Tom Steffen
 This book is dedicated to this generation of Bible storytellers. It will challenge you to learn from the rich history of the modern-day Orality Movement, do your cultural homework related to the integration of symbol, story, and symbol, tell the greatest story ever told with cultural and pedagogical clarity so that individual, communal, and national transformation can result, and create generations of like-minded Bible storytellers.
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